Friday, 19th April 2019


Each stage of the surveying process can require a specialist who has comprehensive knowledge in a particular area. It is a vast arena and a competitive one. If a surveyor makes it to the top they could be involved in not only developments at the cutting edge of technology and design, but they also have the ability to change the world around us.

A commercial property land surveyor must seek out vacant land and then value it for what it is worth before it is bought or sold on the property market. A whole range of data is needed including site history, comparable evidence, as well as the particular surveyor’s skill in valuation.

A land surveyor, if he tells the ‘market’ he is looking for land, may be inundated with offers of vacant land, particularly given the past few years of recession. The land surveyor must weigh up the pros and cons of all of the sites whilst always keeping the wishes of his clients at the forefront of his mind and his actions.

Land surveyors must weigh up all aspects of the land and its usage once construction has taken place. The client may wish for good transport links, nearby local amenities or a thriving work community from which to employ. One or all of these must be taken into account.

Measurement of the land is essential and this requires precision, mathematical skill and careful attention to detail.

Once the land surveyor has selected and inspected the site, they must then present their findings to the client. Being able to present and being a confident orator are essential qualities. A sound knowledge of building and land regulations is also crucial to success.