Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Property project management is a key role within the varied and diverse world of surveying. It is the project managers who are responsible for the delivery of a project on time, on budget and compliant with all of the laws and regulations affecting their field.

Project managers are involved in projects from the very beginning and remain a part of the development until it is completed and clients are fully satisfied.

Drawing all of the strings of development together requires great skill, organisation, and thorough knowledge of the processes of building, the current market conditions and the ability to provide a service in a controlled and structured fashion.

Investors will look to project managers to analyse, assess and comment on the risk involved in the project – a great responsibility.

They must survey a site in its current condition to assess its best possible use.

They will be involved with the funding of a project. ‘Business case development’ is where they must demonstrate how and why a scheme is important and profitable.

Project managers must provide infallible costing budgets and a design that is popular and feasible.

The link between contractor and client, project managers must keep control of contractors, all the while providing updated timescales on when a project is due for completion to funders and clients.

They ensure all necessary regulations affecting the building processes are complied with, including sustainability, green issues, insurance and health and safety.

Project managers will ultimately provide the product expected on time and on budget, meeting the needs of the original investors and those who will occupy the completed space.

Every day all aspects of the building and management process must be drawn together, checked and reported on.