Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Nursery nurses care for very young children (from birth to 5 years old) in day schools, nurseries, crèches, hospitals and at home. They coordinate learning and play and help their subjects to develop various skills through activities and close supervision.

They will often assist other teachers or senior nurses to ensure the children all receive equal and ample attention.

As part of their job, nurses will often have to adopt a maternal role and wash, feed and discipline children in their care.

Nurses may be responsible for devising a range of play and learning activities which will simultaneously entertain and educate young children, such as cooking, exercising, dressing up, storytelling, singing, basic mathematics or arts and crafts.

The job may also involve administrative tasks, such as keeping records, arranging and ordering teaching aids and attending meetings with other carers or administrators.

Nurses will usually meet regularly with parents to discuss a child’s progress and to help create a smooth overlap between a child’s life at home and at nursery.

The job can at times be physically demanding, noisy and stressful.