Friday, 19th April 2019


University lecturers specialising in particular fields are employed by universities nationwide to assist teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students in their chosen discipline.

Typically, lecturers are experts in a particular subject and, aside from teaching, will use their time at universities to conduct further research into their area of specialisation.

Lecturers will use a variety of teaching models to teach their students: straightforward lectures; seminars; workshops; laboratory sessions; and multimedia exercises.

It is the job of a university lecturer to promote and facilitate independent study. They will effectively point students in the right direction and set out basic guidelines in order that students can go off and research their subject using the resources and methods that are most conducive to their personal way of learning and analysing new material.

Lecturers will use their knowledge to plan, research and develop material to deliver to students during classes.

In seminars, the lecturer will try and encourage students to discuss or debate their own findings or views on a subject.

Lecturers may be responsible for setting and invigilating exams. They will also administer, set deadlines for and assess student coursework. They will then be required to give appropriate individual feedback.

Lecturers often develop close relationships with students, particularly in smaller departments. They may act as personal tutors to individual students, who they will help and support, both academically and on a more personal level, offering advice where necessary.

Senior or highly-experienced university lecturers may be appointed as heads of department. This role would normally involve managing and supervising other members of staff working in the department.

Lecturers will often be actively involved in the promotion of the university as a whole or of a particular department within the institution. This may include participating at open days, organising and attending extra-curricular events or attending external conferences, seminars and workshops.