Thursday, 25th April 2019


Caretakers in schools, colleges and universities are responsible for ensuring that health and safety and security standards are met by performing routine checks and maintenance around the building. The duties given to a caretaker will vary from place to place, depending on the size of the institute and the amount of people it employs.

They are in charge of carrying out security procedures; opening and closing premises at the beginning and end of each day, operating alarm systems, monitoring CCTV equipment and making sure that no unauthorised individuals or vehicles are allowed access into the ground.

They take care of school utilities, such as lighting, heating and water supply and will repair or replace parts where necessary or report malfunctions to authorities. In some cases, the caretaker will be responsible for observing fuel consumption levels and making amendments to reduce output levels where appropriate.

Caretakers, often in teams for larger institutions, will clean classrooms, hallways and bathrooms and make sure any potentially hazardous places, e.g. slippery floors, are clearly marked out. It may also be the job of a caretaker to maintain school grounds, playgrounds and playing fields, unless there is an onsite grounds man. Jobs will be divided between teams and whoever is in charge will normally produce a chart to keep up to date with what has been done and what needs doing.

They will keep tabs on school equipment and make sure anything of value is safely stored away. Supplies of sanitary products need to be maintained. Orders, deliveries and general post may also be overseen by the caretaker.