Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Education administrators work at schools, further and higher education institutions, in almost all areas which do not involve teaching. In small institutions there may be one or two administrators, whereas larger schools, colleges and universities might employ whole teams of administrators, divided into departments, such as Human Resources, Finance, Admissions, Recruitment, Marketing and PR or Quality Assurance.

There are numerous positions in education administration with different levels of responsibility and seniority, so job descriptions are varied. Their general aim is to ensure that the institution runs smoothly and cost-effectively.

Administrators oversee admission of pupils and recruitment of new members of staff across the board to ensure that enrolment figures are met and that there is a healthy staff-student ratio. They read through applications and correspond with candidates, organise interviews and coordinate examinations.

In most medium to large institutions, especially universities, there will be a department for PR and Marketing where administrators will develop ways to promote the services of the institution through various media: newspapers; magazines; prospectuses; league tables; and online. They will also monitor the institution’s public image and aim to minimise negative repercussions in the case of serious events or slander.

All schools and learning institutions need administrators trained in accountancy to manage budgets and keep track of financial activity. They are sometimes in charge of buying and ordering new equipment, organising services and processing invoices.

Administrators will usually be in charge of dealing with any complaints from either internal or external bodies and writing any necessary follow-up reports. Communication between various departments needs to be effective in order that all administrators can keep abreast of developments inside and outside the institution.

Universal administrative duties include filing of records, data entry, managing inter-departmental, internal and external correspondence in writing, online and over the telephone and office maintenance.