Saturday, 20th April 2019


Most primary, secondary, higher and special education institutions in the UK will employ full-time nurses, sometimes known as matrons, to provide health and medical care to students and staff members. Local health authorities (LHAs) will often provide nurses to state-funded schools, whereas independent schools will generally employ nurses directly. They will be on hand to give attention to students or staff members who are unwell or suffer injuries while at school, either in the form of emergency assistance or on-going care for those with chronic conditions which need to be monitored regularly or over a long period of time.

School nurses train members of staff and students in emergency first aid teach staff how to best monitor students with specific, individual, medical needs. They will also keep copies of patients’ medical records and will maintain close contact with parents, guardians, social workers or external medical professionals where necessary.

They will give talks to students on relevant subjects, such as general health and wellbeing, safety in and out of school and sexual education.

Nurses will usually administer routine vaccinations or oversee immunisation programmes which take place in the school or institution.