Saturday, 20th April 2019


A floor manager is the person who deals with all practicalities during the filming of a programme, whether live or pre-recorded. They ensure that the set, props and production equipment are safe to use and in the right position, as well as organising the entire shoot. They are additionally responsible for the smooth running of the studio during filming by creating the film schedule.

Most of a floor manager’s work will be based in studios, rather than on location, but this can occasionally change. Whilst in the studio, the floor manager is the main link between the director and the 'floor' (production teams), and will relay information from control to the presenters and the crew.

The floor manager must communicate with everyone involved in a production, including producers, crew, presenters and guests, making sure that people stick to the schedule. In live shows, floor managers will be in charge of seating and briefing the audience and guests. During filming, the floor manager is the person who gives the presenters their cues, and makes sure that things do not overrun.

Floor managers work in many areas of television and film, including:

  • Children’s entertainment
  • News broadcasting
  • Sports programming
  • Game shows and talk shows
  • Soaps and serials

Health and safety is an all-important consideration for any production, so floor managers will check the safety of the equipment, looking out for any potential hazards with the props or the set.

Being a floor manager can be a very busy job, effectively organising everyone and everything in a production, both before and after the shoot. Floor managers will employ runners to assist them with the organisational tasks, making sure that filming runs smoothly.