Thursday, 25th April 2019


Lighting technicians produce the lighting for live television shows, or productions in both television and film. The lighting technicians make up the bulk of the lighting department, setting up and operating the specific lighting for a scene.

The role involves illuminating scenes to create a particular mood or style. It is a highly technical department, requiring a group of skilled, qualified and experienced individuals, to deal with all types of electrical equipment.

Lighting technicians work under the instruction of directors and stage managers, setting up the electrical apparatus with cabling, filters and screens, in order to achieve the desired visual style. These tasks can vary depending on each production and the experience of the lighting technician, but typical duties could include:

  • Assessing sets for acceptable standards of health and safety
  • Liaising with the directors regarding lighting schedule
  • Assembling all the lighting and accessories
  • Ensuring the equipment works and fixing any faults
  • Using special programming for lighting colour
  • De-rigging and packing away the equipment

The role demands substantial technical lighting experience, with most lighting technicians being fully qualified electricians, potentially with extra qualifications in lighting for theatrical productions.