Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Vision mixers are the people in the production gallery in studios who edit all genres of television programmes as they are being transmitted live to the public. The sort of programming that vision mixers work in is vast and it can include live or pre-recorded programmes.

They can either be working in the production gallery in a studio, or in a mobile production van when filming on OBs (outside broadcasts).

Vision mixers are employed by broadcasters to oversee the transmission of programmes from a number of genres:

  • News and current affairs
  • Live entertainment programmes
  • Soaps
  • Drama series
  • Documentaries
  • Sports
  • Game-shows
  • Commercials

They may need to cut, edit, mix or manipulate frames from different cameras during a live broadcast. Vision mixers sometimes add different graphics to certain shots, or link up different camera angle views during an interview.

Essentially, vision mixers act as the director’s 'other eye'. They are the ones who might spot problems with a shot from the production gallery, and offer advice to production teams on set.

It can be an exciting but demanding job in television, requiring intense concentration and a real eye for detail. Vision Mixers usually come from a variety of backgrounds in production, with creative, technical and administrative experience.

Usually they work for larger broadcasters where they can gain a wide experience of vision mixing on all production formats. They need to have an array of technical skills within editing, and must remain constantly aware of the director’s objectives.