Sunday, 21st April 2019


A career as an entertainer can involve any number of things as it is extremely broad. Entertainers will generally perform on stage for the enjoyment of crowds, displaying a specific act or talent. Entertainers can be found performing in a variety of locations such as in theatres, cabaret shows, hotels, cruiseships or private parties and events.

All entertainers have a particular performing arts skill that they use, whether it is magic, acrobatics, clowning or comedy. To be good, entertainers must have great communication skills and a confident personality.

Entertainers can cover a broad spectrum of performance, either in one or more of the following areas:

  • Cabaret performers
  • Singers and musicians
  • Dancers
  • Circus performers, magicians and illusionists
  • Comedians and mime artists
  • Jugglers
  • Children's entertainers

Entertainers have free reign over the above skills, either choosing one particular area or combining several talents to create an act either alone or with a group of entertainers.

Performing is only one part of the job, as a lot of time is spent researching and rehearsing new material for the act or attending auditions for events. Some entertainers may hire a booking agent to find them gigs and auditions, whilst others will market and manage themselves. If the act has a particular style or theme then costumes and equipment may need to be bought and maintained.

There is a good market for children’s entertainers, where many talents can be used and there can be a lot of work at parties, events or holiday centres. Normal entertainers could find work on cruiseships, hotels and big events.