Saturday, 20th April 2019


Production managers are the main decision makers in musical theatre productions. It is the job of a production manager to turn original stories and ideas into profitable productions and get them to the stage. Production managers take control of a production including the financial, logistical and creative sides of it.

Production managers as great organisers; they act as the communication link between designers, directors, administrators, stage management and stage technicians. They are less involved in the creative side of a theatre production but rather in the logistics and practical problems that can arise.

The tasks of a production manager can vary depending on the size of the production and the theatre company. In smaller theatre companies, production managers can have a lot more tasks including:

  • Personnel management of the production team
  • Managing the technical components
  • Budget control of productions
  • Maintenance of the stage and building
  • Hiring staff
  • Staff training and development
  • Marketing and bookings
  • Time management of the production and logistics
  • Health and safety of the organisation

In larger companies the production manager will usually have a more limited role, perhaps only taking on the finances and time management. This is largely because there will be other people working in technical and creative areas.

All in all, production managers must have a good business mind as well as being great organisers and motivators. Most will have worked their way up in stage management, as a stage hand, stage manager and directors. They need to have experience in all aspects of theatre productions, so that they can take control of running new plays with ease.