Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Stagehands work behind the scenes in a theatre, assisting the stage management team with props, scenery and special effects. Stagehands are like runners in film and television industries, in the sense that they are the support staff to help the production team wherever needed, before, during and after a production.

Stagehands help with all stages of a production, before, during and after. They may help to build props or scenery and will assist during rehearsals. Stagehands need to have knowledge about how and where to use certain stage equipment and props, so that they can easily move and operate props and equipment.

Stagehands attend rehearsals so that they know when scene changes need to be made. Stagehands will work with cue scripts that let them know what props need to be where for each scene and under the direction of stage managers.

Typical duties would include:

  • Loading and unloading equipment
  • Helping to build and put up scenery
  • Attending rehearsals
  • Moving scenery, furniture and heavy equipment during performances
  • Opening and closing theatre curtains between acts
  • Operating manual and automated machinery
  • Make sure the stage and backstage is clear at the end of the performance

Stagehands might work in one venue, or travel to different venues when a production is on tour. Stagehands usually wear black clothing during performances, for making scene changes in the dark. Some stagehands may find work on television or film productions also.