Saturday, 20th April 2019


Those with economic trend insight suggest that by 2020 another 3 million people will work in the tourism industry. It truly is booming. With the London 2012 Olympics contributing an estimated £8 billion to the economy, there is no better time to join the industry.

The United Kingdom is the sixth most visited country in the world, and its capital London the second most visited city globally. Every year over 28 million people visit Britain all of whom need to be accommodated for and it is the tourism industry that is responsible for this.

More people who live in Britain are now staying within these shores to take their holidays, or ‘staycations’ as they have been nicknamed. A combination of a general upgrade of accommodation and attractions plus the recent recession has seen holidaying become more localised.

The Government has promised to put more money into the tourism industry which will only see its importance increased.

Anyone employed in tourism needs to be able to think like a customer: what would you require if you were in the same situation? It is a fast-changing industry with many new trends. Those employed within it need to be aware of these changes and at the top able be able to implement them.