Friday, 19th April 2019


The job of a children’s holiday rep is to ensure that a family holiday runs as smoothly and as enjoyably as it possibly can do. Most holidays of this type will see the children placed under the care of representatives for the day whilst the parents/adults do their own thing and have their own deserved holiday.

The main role of the rep is to organise tailored programmes depending on the group that they are looking after. Programmes need to be fun, enjoyable and keep the children interested. Ages can range from babies up to teenagers and the programmes will vary accordingly.

Children’s holiday reps will either work in the United Kingdom or abroad. Most of the bigger tour operators and higher paid jobs are abroad and reps will look after children for longer periods, sometimes up to two weeks.

Roles for the children’s rep can be varied and they will need to be organised, patient and highly enthusiastic at all times of interaction. They must organise and supervise activities, plan meals, liaise with parents and help out with travel arrangements.

Health and safety is a high priority and children’s reps must ensure that the children are safe, healthy and happy at all times.