Saturday, 20th April 2019


Holiday representatives are principally employed to look after groups of tourists on package holidays. They find the majority of their employment at resorts all over the world where a UK holidaying contingent is quite strong.

Holiday reps are employed to ensure that those on holiday have the best possible time that they can. Organisation of events for participation and general suggestions about what clients should do are a mainstay. They are the public face of the tour operator and they must create a good first and lasting impression with guests.

The reps form an essential role in the running of the holiday. They will attend welcome briefings, often chairing or giving them. Throughout the holiday they will also be responsible for handling complaints and resolving any other problems that may arise.

Due to the amount of interaction holiday reps have with guests one of their key roles is to sell excursions and additional services available. From the moment the guests arrive, reps will be helping them to enjoy themselves. They will attend the airport meeting, sort out accommodation and suggest activities to do.

In order to be as good as possible, reps will have excellent knowledge of the local area and will build relationships with the locals to ensure their clients get the best prices. They act as a guide during the day and often lay on entertainment for the evening. This is a very full-on job and reps get little rest; hours are antisocial and it is a seasonal job that coincides with the British summer time.

Health and safety is a priority at all times and reps must ensure that all of their guests are happy and healthy.