Saturday, 20th April 2019


Tourist Information Centre Managers (TICs) are based in particular towns, cities and regions and are responsible for looking after tourists staying or visiting in that area. They will have an in depth knowledge of the particular place and will be able to help out with tourist needs. Amongst their main roles are booking hotels, recommending restaurants and suggesting things to do.

The role is extremely varied and the manager will need to be calm and knowledgeable to be as helpful as possible. Tourist centres are either staffed by tour companies or the local government.

Managers must be aware of marketing and future trends developing within their local area so that they can inform the tourists properly. They tend to have good relationships with the locals and a solid understanding of the language if they are from a foreign country.

The job is ultimately rewarding – helping someone and giving them a greater holiday experience. It is hard work though. Peak times are at weekends and during the summer holidays and work will tend to be shift based.

Managers will themselves visit many of the events, fairs, attractions, restaurants and other places of interest that they recommend. If they do this then they can give a more grounded picture of what the tourists can expect.