Thursday, 25th April 2019


Tour managers’ primary responsibility is to accompany holiday makers on their journey to their accommodation having made all of the arrangements prior to departure.

Their role begins well in advance of the holidays that they will accompany guests on. In the winter months they will visit and suggest possible locations to expand into for the tour operators that they represent. Once they discover somewhere good with all of the necessary amenities they will pitch this idea to the tour operators and receive a cut.

Tour managers will help to design different types of holidays to suit different guests. They must constantly be aware of new opportunities and trends in the travel market so they can secure locations and places to pitch to tour operators.

Once the holidays are planned they must arrange the transport of all clients. Documentation and requirements must be met and managers must respond to any queries and help out when needed. They will often meet clients at the airport/depot/station/terminal and accompany them to their final destination.

Local knowledge will serve tour managers well and they can select and investigate places of interest. They will guide the guests to the right areas and help out with any problems that may arise.

Most tour managers work freelance for tour operators. Depending on what locations they source they will then pitch these to the tour operators. This will occur once a year, preholiday season in the UK.