Saturday, 20th April 2019


Tourism consultants oversee and implement the management and development of specific tourist attractions or areas. They play a major role in adding to itineraries developed by tour operators and others within the tourist industry.

The role is varied and time is often split between office work and field work. An excellent knowledge of the local area surrounding the attraction or destination is absolutely essential. Consultants aim to ensure that the attractions they supervise present as best as they possibly can and become a mainstay on the destination lists for visiting tourists.

Tourism consultants will interview both locals and clients who have visited to obtain feedback and implement any improvements that could be made. They must be aware of all aspects that will affect their individual area, including budgets, changes to the local area and available funding.

Tourism consultants will usually take on this role with prior experience in the industry, having built up extensive knowledge of the area and developed good relationships with locals.

The majority are self-employed and work on a quasi-freelance basis promoting their particular areas or tourist attractions to tour operators. They will then take a cut from both the operators and the attractions visited.