Saturday, 20th April 2019


We all think we know what travel agents do, but they do far more than just book holidays. It is their job to promote holidays whilst representing their agency or company in its best possible light. Holidays do indeed make up the majority of their work but they must offer additional services, including insurance, advice, visa consultancy and any other travel related products to the public.

Most travel agency consultants work from retail stores, though the online market has exploded in size in recent years. The principle remains the same – to find the best and most appropriate deal for the customer.

Travel agents are usually judged by sales targets, much like any other retail business. They must take orders and payments and be in constant contact with travel operators, airlines and other travel agencies to source the best deals and prices and obtain a sound knowledge of the travel market and associated prices.

Most travel agents are IT literate, friendly, outgoing and able to deal with queries or complaints that may arise.

Experience plays a big part in the travel agency world. Employees tend to gain understanding and some good results then move on. Options can either be to work for a large chain or small independent agency. Recently, the agency has had to accommodate more specialist holidays to pair alongside the new trends in holidays. These include skiing, adventures and gap years.

Marketing is ever more important in the travel industry and travel agents will be directly involved with setting and hitting these strategies.