Friday, 19th April 2019


Web Design is a large, young and booming industry. The number of websites floating around on the internet is beyond vast, there are hundreds of millions, and there seems to be no sign of this growth slowing down. Like a physical object or tangible space, these websites all need to be designed with aesthetics, practicality, ease of use and target audience in mind.

Every company or brand has a website which is often the first port of call for individuals or businesses who are interested in the brand. A website needs to perform a variety of fundamental tasks including providing visitors with as much information as possible and maintaining a visitor’s attention.

Setting up a website can be incredibly complicated, therefore web designers are hired by businesses to create, maintain moderate and constantly update material on the site. Before the site goes live, the web designer will test the site and all its capabilities. They may invite a focus group made up of members of the target audience to also test the site and give all feedback to the designer in order that he or she can make the necessary amendments, report findings back to the client and eventually put the site ‘live’ online.

Careers in website design typically demand both creativity and technical prowess.