Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Web copywriters will make up part of a web design team and are employed to write the words which will appear on a website. They write engaging and persuasive copy for websites which will be used as sales platforms or informative copy for information portals.

They will usually be given a brief stating the client’s objectives, its values, its target audience and the functions it wants the website to perform. Copywriters will then set to work producing original copy or content, within the guidelines of the brief.

They will report to, and exchange ideas with project managers and designers. They also offer ideas and opinions on other aspects of the creative process, such as visuals and sound. Suggestions will then be pitched to a producer or creative director, followed by the client, for approval or amendment. In the event that copy is rejected by either the creative director or the client, copywriters will have to restart or modify their work until both parties are satisfied.

All written copy is proofread multiple times by editors and proof readers before it is uploaded onto the website.

Copywriters need to stay up to date with consumer and marketing trends, current affairs and popular culture, in order to both source inspiration and produce the most relevant and engaging copy. They will usually need to conduct extensive research into the subject matter before starting work.

Many copywriters also work on a freelance basis and move frequently between companies.