Friday, 19th April 2019


Programmers are the individuals who write the complex and lengthy computer software that allows computers to function as they do. Most will specialise in a particular style of code or in a particular format apt to what they are working on. The very best can work as freelancers who are called in specially to resolve issues or improve current code systems in place.

In some ways programming is one of the most basic aspects to all of software development. The process involves testing the code, installing and implementing it and finally maintaining it ensuring the systems are working as they should be.

Most programmers are hired by software companies or businesses who focus on IT. Because of the recent boom in the past 20 years of computers and in particular programming there are currently very few vacancies in the profession. It is becoming ever more competitive and programmers can no longer rely on basic code writing to set themselves ahead of their competition.

Before even commencing in finding a job all programmers should be able to write code themselves. This can either be learnt through courses or self taught. In both cases this requires not only a high level of understanding of computer systems but a will to succeed.

Computer games are now the biggest area for the most and best programmers to work in. The computer games industry is not only a multi billion pound one but requires some of the most complex programming in all of IT. If this is an area of particular interest individuals are advised to learn coding themselves before applying for a computer games company or manufacturer.