Sunday, 19th May 2019


The Internet is now the favoured media for diffusing information quickly and to a potentially vast audience. Companies all have websites and most large publications now publish online as well as in print.

A web producer, or web editor, will be employed by web design companies to oversee and format all content that is uploaded onto a website, including copy, graphics and advertising. They are effectively in charge of creating and maintaining the personality of a website in line with the client’s requirements. They create images with graphic designers and supervise all video or audio content uploaded onto the site.

Some producers will work more on the technical aspects of web design, such as coding and analytics. In any case, it is absolutely essential for producers to be able to understand and communicate effectively with both creative and technical support teams.

For publications, the web producer or online editor will search for and commission news stories, articles and features to be published, either from a team of journalists and editors, or from freelance writers. They will regularly hold meetings with editors to discuss and suggest ideas for article topics.

They work closely with all members of the web design team to keep track of projects, allocate work and establish deadlines and, as is the case with just about any editorial role, they will regularly have to read, edit and sometimes rewrite texts submitted for publication.

They will moderate community interaction in the form of comments and forums on the website and social networking platforms and encourage further discussion.

The web producer will liaise with advertisers and negotiate space, contracts and budgets. They will try to identify the best ways to promote the site and attract the largest possible audience or readership.