Wednesday, 24th April 2019


British Army Hiring While Firing Thousands

The army is undergoing a new drive to get more young people to join the Army. The campaign called Step Up features a short TV ad which shows the life of a soldier through his or her boots. The aim is to persuade up to 10,000 young men and women to sign up for duty in the coming year.

The Armed Forces in the UK, particularly the Army, are shrinking. By 2020 numbers will be down from more than 100,000 to just 82,000 due to recent job cuts. Military chiefs know that hiring and firing at the same time is controversial, but they insist that the new force must be balanced - this means new blood is needed.

Brigadier Andrew Jackson, Director of Recruiting and Training, said: "No matter what its size the Army is always recruiting to ensure we have enough quality junior ranks and young officers to sustain the organisation and keep it ready for the challenges of the future."

After more than a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the future for the Army is unclear.

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