Saturday, 20th April 2019


JCB records highest ever profits in 2012

JCB has announced its largest ever recorded profits with a £10m profit from 2012. The turnover in 2012 was relatively static, however the company has experienced a huge level of growth in a number of countries recently which has been a massive boost. For example, a £63m factory was opened in Brazil in September 2012 and trade doubled in Africa and rose by 12% in the Middle East.

They expect this growth to continue as they are currently building a factory in India and they have plans to recruit more permanent staff in the UK. Alan Blake, the chief executive of the company, has said that they already have around 1,000 people working in Staffordshire and have already added 500 this year alone.

Mr Blake has said that one of the reasons the company continues to succeed is due to the fact that as they make profit they put it straight back into the company which means more products, more factories, more growth. They also are a very focused, goal orientated company: "We're never content so there won't be a party. We'll be pleased that we've got this growth but we'll be looking for next year's growth."

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