Thursday, 25th April 2019


Job interview advice: what to wear

Finding a suitable outfit for an interview can be tricky, most know that tracksuit bottoms aren't appropriate, however there are a few subtle things that Alison White (The Guardian) has brought to our attention.

It has been reported that employers have strong opinions about women's choice of accessories. Employers interviewing women are likely to mark them down if they are wearing dangly jewellery, low-necked tops and no tights. More than 80% also think it's inappropriate to wear red to an interview. However, of course each company is different, so it is acceptable to be confused. Martin McDonnell, a careers consultant, has said that looking at the company's website is likely to reveal some hints. However the general rule of thumb is - if in doubt, wear a suit: "If you overdress, no one will hold it against you. But if you underdress, they will think you haven't made an effort."

Read the article here: Job interview advice: what to wear