Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Nasa's Curiosity rover successfully lands on Mars

The USA space agency has just landed a huge one-tonne robot rover on Mars. The vehicle, named Curiosity, landed near the planet's equator in a deep crater and will now embark on a two year mission looking for evidence that Mars may once have supported life.

The robot has already sent back its first low-resolution image showing the rover's wheels and views of the horizon. It even has its own Twitter feed @MarsCuriosity.

The descent through the atmosphere after the 570-million-km journey from Earth has been described as "seven minutes of terror" as this is the amount of time 'it would take to complete a series of high-risk, automated manoeuvres that would slow the rover from an entry speed of 20,000km/h to allow its wheels to set down softly.'

The JPL director, Charles Elachi, said: "Tonight was a great drama that was played. I felt like I was in an adventure movie but I kept telling myself this is real; and what a fantastic demonstration of what our nation and our agency can do."

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