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Labour Market in the G7

3 JUL 2014   11:27AM

The latest ONS analysis looks at how unemployment rates and real wage growth were affected by the economic downturn in the G7 and BRIC countries. Unemployment in the G7 countries increased notably after the economic downturn, and real wage growth fell. It is clear that the downturn affected G7 countries in different ways, with the UK labour market adjusting more on the wages side, and the US labour market adjusting more on the employment side.MORE >

Employment Up 345,000

3 JUL 2014   11:13AM

Comparing February to April 2014 with November 2013 to January 2014, there was a large increase in employment and a large fall in unemployment. There was a further fall in the number of economically inactive people aged from 16 to 64.MORE >

The graduate market in 2014

21 JAN 2014   01:59PM

The annual report from High Fliers titled 'The Graduate Market in 2014' shows promise and hope for university graduates in the struggling job climate.MORE >

man in officeTHE UK's dominant services sector enjoyed its fastest monthly growth since December 2006 in August, but its rate of job creation slowed dramatically to a marginal pace, a survey shows.MORE >

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